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Your Solution for Financial Wellness in Michigan

Keeping proper books and records is important for financial wellness. However, this can be harder than it seems. Keeping proper books and records can be a complicated task for untrained people. That's why if you want your books and records done right, trust the experts at Motor City Tax Pros. We offer professional bookkeeping in Michigan and multiple other financial services. From tax preparation to IRS issues, our team can help you get your finances in order.

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What We Do

We have the knowledge and tools to help you tackle your book and record-keeping tasks. Once we get your books together, we can use this information to oversee your taxes with care. With the team at Motor City Tax Pros, you can get the most money out of your tax return.

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Quick Customer Service

Our tax pros can answer any questions you may have in no time. Get the information you need as fast as possible, so you don’t have to worry about getting your taxes and books together in time. Our tax experts will sit down with you one-on-one and walk you through every step of the process to create the best bookkeeping and tax preparation plans for you.


Work With Experienced Professionals

With more than 30 years of combined experience, Motor City Tax Pros has the know-how to manage any of your tax or bookkeeping needs. If you collaborate with us, we will do our best to give you a hassle-free experience, so you have the peace of mind that your books are in order and you have your taxes filed correctly.

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Detail Oriented

Your personalized tax expert will scour through your books to make sure that everything is in place. We look at everything with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that nothing is missing. Taxes and bookkeeping are detailed work. You need someone with diligence to get everything right so your taxes are the best they can be this year.

This tax season, meet with experts at Motor City Tax Pros to look at your books and get the most money possible on your return. With two locations in the Detroit area, we are here if you need us. We will work with you to keep your books and records clean and organized for easy use. Call us today to get started!